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Why KnS Solar? 

“…industry leading technology to maximize ROI (return on investment)… and we are very proud to source all products from the U.S.A…”

KNS Solar is a strategic international energy and project development corporation, headquartered in Houston, Texas, with a combined experience of more than 16 years in developing power generation, renewable energy and innovative green energy products.
We use industry leading technology to maximize ROI (return on investment) and longevity of renewable energy system and we are very proud to source all products from the U.S.A to achieve domestic content levels much higher than required.
We are dedicated to provide complete solar solutions for rural electrification, C&I, farming, private, government and nonprofit. The core mission focuses on seeding and developing clean energy and infrastructure projects in rural area as we are a renewable energy company specialized in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation of solar hybrid and off grid systems.

NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional

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