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Complete Solar System Kit


With 100% financing available, select one of the solar generator below and own our electricity at NO UPFRONT COST and turn your utility bill into an investment





Small Solar Power plant

This solar system kit is best for small home. Best for a $70-$100 electric bill on average 









With this kit you can charge cell phones, power low consumption LED light and run ceiling fan on 12/24V DC. In addition, an inverter will output AC power at 220- 240 VAC – 50Hz on power outlet to run your computer and AC fan. You can also run TV and low consumption AC appliance. Powered by renewable energy and battery, you have the power to run your electronics 24/7 without interruption. 

What is the 6 kW solar generator

 Features and Benefits 

  • A cost-efficient, fume-free and silent power plant on your roof.

  • Features system monitoring by way of its full-feature

  • LED display so that you always know how much power reserve is left in the batteries, allowing you to plan accordingly.

  • Simple solution for remote city hall, DC electronics will be hardwire with ON/OFF switch

  • Independent of grid electricity and diesel back-up

  • Quiet and reliable source of electric power

  • High efficiency solar panels designed for at least 25 years performance

  • No recurring costs, completely independent from the national grid

  • Tailor made solution, with installation and service

  • No Electric Bill

  • Very low consumption from DC electronics

  • Light in offices day and night without interruption

Small Shipping Container Solar Generator Stand


This small shipping container is best solution for rural area where there is no sign of electricity. Inside you have DC ceiling fan with power plug along with LED light. Plug can be used to power radio, TV. Outdoor we can set up mass cell phone charging plug for the local population to fully charge their electronics during day and night, 24/7. 

 Features and Benefits 

  • Self-contained: No electrical bills

  • No power interruption with no maintenance

  • Can be used for temporary police station

  • Technicians not required for installation

  • No trenching or Boring Cable 

Solar Water Pumping Kit


Solar water pumping systems can provide real opportunities to improve water availability in areas where grid power cannot be relied upon, or where power costs are an impediment to effective water use. With this system you will be able to pump water out of the ground or above ground with a low consumption submersible pump. This system is very efficient as it is 100% independent from grid and can be relocate at ease to other well. 

 Features and Benefits 


  • Can allow water pumping in remote locations or where grid power is unreliable – anywhere the sun shines

  • No on-going costs of diesel and electricity

  • High efficiency solar panels designed for at least 25 years performance

  • Access to water when power outages, no need to hand pump

  • No recurring costs, completely independent from the national grid

  • Low labor and maintenance cost, easy to remove, transport and store

Solar Traffic Light With Remote Monitoring And Control


This system is designed to manage traffic flow of vehicle in intersection. 

 Features and Benefits 


  • Self-contained: No electrical bills

  • No power interruption with no maintenance

  • No trenching or Boring Cable

  • Programmable remotely via wireless signal

  • Technicians not required for installation

  • Choice of side-of-Pole or Post top panel mounting rack

  • LCD controller display showing system health

Smart Solar Street Light


One of the major issue of failure of solar street lighting system is theft of batteries. Thus the loop of battery can be removed by using smart solar street lights. The street lights can be directly integrated to a small micro Grid and the energy generated by the solar panels connected to the street lights in the daytime will charge batteries and the excess power can be exported directly to the grid for sale. In the evening the electric power will be drawn from the batteries to light up the street lights. This will ensure street lighting without interruption from battery. In addition, power from national grid can supply power in case of batteries failure. We can also set up a street light monitoring and management center to rapidly identify a defected devices in a network from remote computer.  

Solar Off Grid Battery Generator (Option To Sell Back)


This scalable system is designed to supply solar power to entire building/facility/house without power interruption and sell back. Our battery can handle heavy load with a 100% depth of efficiently.

 Features and Benefits 


  • Self-contained: No electric bills No power interruption with no maintenance

  • Wide operating temperature range

  • Not flammable, explosive or corrosive

  • Battery has better value than lead acid or lithium ion

  • No fume or noise, ecofriendly and clean

  • LCD controller display showing battery and solar production

Solar Farm/ Small Micro Grid


  • Small Community

  • Small Village

  • Hotel

  • Group Residences

  • Mini city

  • Neighborhood 


This scalable system provides 100% renewable power to large residence and small village as solar micro grid. This can replace large, expensive and environmentally dirty generators with a fast installation and minimal maintenance. Thus, it will reduce in electricity cost and eliminate reliability from national electric grid. The system can be sized for days of autonomy getting sun power during daylight and battery power at night.