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Giving Back

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What's The Project?

Charitable Project, A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS is an initiative of KNS SOLAR FOUNDATION, a nonprofit organization based in Houston, Texas, USA initiated by KNS SOLAR. The main goal is to give hope to the most needed by giving them access to electricity for basic need such as light and water through renewable energy: photovoltaic solar panels.

Making A Difference

Countries in sub-Saharan Africa in general and Central Africa in particular, are experiencing a huge deficit in electricity. Indeed, the report is alarming More than 600 million people do not have access to electricity and millions more are connected to an unreliable network that does not meet their daily energy needs. Most countries in this region have an electricity access rate of around 20% and two out of three people do not have access to modern energy services. In the face of ever-increasing demand, the energy challenge is an increasingly recurrent debate in many Central African countries, and government institutions must deal with the dilemma of globalization. namely to significantly reduce the mismatch between supply and demand, and the ability to provide many users / applicants with stable, inexpensive and quality electricity. In fact, KNS SOLAR, through this campaign, will allow the poorest to access electricity and benefit from all the advantages of this new energy especially in terms of quality and cost.

How Will This Happen?

The A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS campaign will consist of offering and installing small solar panel kit with light bulbs, USB port and an electrical plug-in awarded orphanages, hospitals, refugees camp and rural school allowing out of reach and low-income people to access electricity. In addition to the donation, KnS Solar installers will train and educate local into basic maintenance of a solar system. This will be followed by a presentation of solar kits and many prizes, various games, attractions and artistic performances with local and international artists as well as interventions and exchanges to raise public awareness about the use of renewable energies in general and photovoltaic solar panels in particular.

We donate a portion of every installation to support the

LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS campaign around the world

Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.